Polypropylene Bags

Polypropylene bags are constructed of strong 10 X 10 count 800/850 denier polypropylene per sq. inch.   Hemmed top, tubular woven and double sewn seams enhance durability.  Our polypropylene bags are available in the following stock sizes for sandbags, feed, grain, grass seed, fertilizer, sugar, beans, rice and coal.

  • 14″ X 26″ w/tie (White or Orange)
  • 18″ X 30″
  • 16″x4″x31″
  • 20″x31″
  • 20″x36″
  • 24″x36″
  • 22″x40″
  • 26″x40″
  • 28″x40″

Key Benefits:

  • Odorless, dust proof, water & oil resistant
  • Durable; tear & puncture resistant.  High elasticity and tensile strength.
  • Cost effective — almost half the cost of burlap
  • Ideal for semi-permanent / temporary flood control (polypropylene not affected by water)